Peschici: Gargano town full of breathtaking beaches and bays

On the northern coast of the Gargano there is a small town, Peschici, which attracts numerous tourists especially during the summer season and has become a very popular seaside tourist resort where, in addition to hotels and residences, there are campsites and tourist villages. The town is full of beaches where landscapes of uncontaminated nature and crystal clear waters alternate but also historical and artistic beauties with finds of great value.

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What to see in Peschici

Peschici is a small town with some very beautiful views to admire and photograph and narrow streets where you can get lost among craft and souvenir shops. The terracotta and wood are worked by master craftsmen to create beautiful subjects including the fish and the bird defined as the symbols of the Gargano, but it is also among these streets and alleys that it is possible to find restaurants and places where you can taste excellent typical dishes.

Among the historical beauties to admire, there is certainly the 13th century Castle which enjoys a beautiful view of the sea, together with the Torre del Ponte but also churches of historical value such as that of Sant’Elia and that of Santa Maria del Suffragio ( also called Purgatory) or, again, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, counted among the most important monuments of the Gargano.

For history lovers we mention the Necropolis of Monte Pucci, once used as a burial place where 24 hypogea were found. A place full of history and emotion where it is possible to relive the past thanks to the signs left by man.

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The most beautiful beaches

Not only art and history in the beautiful Peschici but also breathtaking bays and beaches with crystal clear waters certified Blue Flag which have made the town one of the jewels of the Gargano.

  • An example is the Bay of Manaccora, one of the largest caves on the entire northern coast of the Gargano, which can be reached with organized tours to visit the caves or by boat.
  • Again, Marina di Peschici, an expanse of sandy beach that extends from the promontory on which the town stands to the Monte Pucci area. This is one of the famous Trabucchi of the Gargano coast, structures used for fishing and which today have been transformed into spectacular restaurants overlooking the sea.
  • Next is Jalillo Beach, a small inlet suitable especially for the more adventurous who seek greater tranquility and a more isolated beach that also enjoys coolness and shade.
  • A short distance from the town, there is San Nicola Beach, another beautiful sandy beach which also hosts a Trabucco. From this Trabucci is possible to observe a small inlet, that is, another beach, that of Procenisco.
  • Also worth mentioning is Zaiana Beach, known above all by young people. In the morning it is the ideal place for great dives, in the evening it is the perfect location for summer parties.
  • Finally, Calalunga and Gusmay, true natural paradises especially suitable for families with children.
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Activities to do

  • Peschici not only offers relax and beautiful beaches to its tourists but also satisfies lovers of water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. Sfinale Bay, one of the largest here, is well suited to these sports thanks to its favorable currents and its exposure to the South East.
  • You can also carry out other adrenaline-filled activities: in fact, by renting a dinghy or taking part in organized tours, it will be possible to dive to discover the Gargano caves among crystal clear waters and uncontaminated nature. Not far from Peschici there are the beautiful Tremiti Islands which can be reached by motorboats or by taking part in organized tours.
  • Diving enthusiasts will be able to admire the statue of Padre Pio on the seabed of the island of Capraia. It is 14 meters deep and since 1998 it has risen 3 meters high in the crystal clear waters of this sea. But it will also be wonderful to take a guided tour of the picturesque caves of the islands or go for a swim.
  • Again for nature lovers, a trip away from the sea and the shady Umbra Forest cannot be missed. This offers the possibility of hiking or cycling or trekking among the majestic trees and pure air of this place.
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Typical dishes

In Peschici it’s possible to taste the typical cuisine of Gargano with dishes that will remain in the hearts of the tourists who try them. A simple but tasty cuisine with local raw materials as protagonists.

As an appetizer, bruschetta made with slices of toasted bread, tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil and peppered mussels, served in terracotta pans, cannot be missing.

Furthermore, Paposcia, typical of many towns in the Gargano, is a bread ciabatta made with sourdough and cooked on stone. His classic seasoning is with capers, anchovies, escarole and olive oil or even with caciocavallo podolico.

Among the typical desserts, we mention the Cartellate which are covered with almonds, honey or cooked wine. Again, the taralli which, in addition to their savory variant, are also sweet.

How to reach Peschici

Reaching the town of Peschici is possible in several ways:

  • by car, for those coming from the North, take the A14 towards Bologna-Bari and exit at Poggio Imperiale. From there, take the highway to Vico del Gargano and continue on the SS89 Gargano state road up to Peschici.

Even for those coming from the South, take the A14 towards Pescara and always exit at Poggio Imperiale.

  • By train, the closest railway station to Peschici is San Severo or Foggia. Once you reach these cities, it will be possible to arrive in the Gargano seaside resort, using the Sita or Ferrovie del Gargano buses.
  • By plane, the closest airport to Peschici is Bari Palese (which is just over 200 km from the town). With the transport seen above it will be easy to reach the beautiful jewel of the Gargano.
Vieste ©pilat666 via Canva

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