San Pietro in Bevagna: ideal place for a family holiday

San Pietro in Bevagna is a seaside town that is part of the municipality of Manduria, in the province of Taranto. With its 15 km long coastline, in summer it hosts numerous tourists from all over the world. It is a beach characterized by several dunes, an ideal place to spend relaxing and fun holiday days. The waters are crystal clear and the equipped and free beaches meet the needs of different types of tourists, from the youngest to families with children. It is only 22 km from another very famous seaside resort, Porto Cesareo, and only 10 km from Punta Prosciutto, another beach very popular in summer.

The name of the town is linked to that of the apostle Saint Peter who, according to legend, landed in this location. Thus, one of the symbols of the city is the Church dedicated to Saint Peter, set in a splendid medieval tower, a few meters from the beach.

The church consists of a single nave while the external part is characterized by the presence of a papal coat of arms in bas-relief, placed above the lunette of the portal. On the side facade there is a small bell tower and another characteristic stained glass window.

San Pietro in Bevagna
San Pietro in Bevagna ©vitopalmisano via Canva

What to see

  • On the seabed of San Pietro in Bevagna there are some marble sarcophagi from the Roman era, the so-called King’s Sarcophagi, remains of the cargo of a Roman ship sunk in the 3rd century AD. There is no trace left of the ship but lovers of scuba diving will be able to admire the treasure that was lost. 23 sarcophagi belonging to different historical eras, the oldest dating back to 150 AD, which are located approximately 5 meters deep.
  • The Chidro River Mouth Reserve is also important, a series of underground freshwater springs that extend for approximately 13 km. It is an underground river whose waters, mixing with those of the sea into which it flows, are very fresh, so that when swimming in it you can experience sudden changes in temperature.
  • There is also the Salina dei Monaci, divided between San Pietro in Bevagna itself and Torre Colimena (also belonging to the Municipality of Manduria). It is characterized by a sandy beach with rocky sections and a salt pond where it is possible to observe some birds such as pink flamingos at certain times of the year.

How to reach the destination

By plane:

  • If you arrive at Bari Airport, you can reach San Pietro in Bevagna by renting a car with which you can travel easily to discover the city and nearby places.
  • Same thing if you arrive at Brindisi Airport: the car rental service is very convenient because you will avoid taking other means of transport which, especially in summer, can be very crowded.

From Brindisi:

You can reach San Pietro in Bevagna by public transport (bus line 500 to Erchie Stazione). Alternatively you can choose the transfer service to San Pietro in Bevagna.

From Bari:

Public transport allows you to reach the beautiful town of Taranto. For example you can take a bus to Avetrana and from here move to San Pietro in Bevagna.

No less useful are the shuttles to San Pietro in Bevagna from nearby cities. They represent a convenient and economical way to reach the destination without having to worry about where to park your car.

San Pietro in Bevagna
San Pietro in Bevagna ©francescorizzuto via Canva

Curiosities about San Pietro in Bevagna

Not long ago we heard the news of an exceptional discovery made right here. In fact, a perfectly preserved skeleton of a “giant” with 199 centimeters of bones and decidedly long femurs for its time was found. It seems that the skeleton of the giant of San Pietro in Bevagna was found and dated a few years ago. The dating was made possible thanks to the furnishings found nearby and the coins that he and other skeletons kept in their mouths.

Immediately after that discovery, however, the giant’s remains were buried again and not recovered. Only one photo remains, taken on that occasion, but for now no one intends to delve into the matter further.

As seen, in San Pietro in Bevagna there is not only the sea but also many other riches to discover.

Santa Caterina ©luigiconte via Canva
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Santa Cesarea Terme ©pilat666 via Canva
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