Gallipoli: the Pearl of the Ionian Sea

Gallipoli from the classical Greek “beautiful city” is known as the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea”. To welcome you in the oldest Gallipoli you will find the Angevin Castle, almost completely surrounded by the sea. This charming defensive structure in which past and present merge, houses large rooms, the original catapults and cannons used to defend the city.

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What to see in the historic center of Gallipoli

Once outside the Castle, many suggestive streets open up in a tangle together with a series of churches, including the cathedral of Sant’Agata, located at the highest point of the island, representing one of the main monuments of the Baroque expression of Salento.

Worthy of note, without doubt, are the city’s two ports. Landing and mooring places for boats, the oldest port (the fishing port) is located near the Greek Fountain on the border between the modern village and the old city.

The transition to modernity is given by the “Skyscraper” located at the entrance to Corso Roma, the nerve center of the city with its shops, bars and restaurants, theater and cinema, a meeting place for young people but also for families .

The city is able to offer different types of accommodation, in order to satisfy the most diverse needs, with hotels, B&Bs and campsites.

Most beautiful beaches of Gallipoli

In Gallipoli not only art, culture and history blend together. The sea is one of the main elements: an expanse of blue and very fine sand covers the coast from south to north, where the town of Rivabella is located, known for the most important bathing establishments.

In the southern part there is an alternation of sand and rocks where the most famous discos and beaches in the area are located.

The Mediterranean scrub with typical plants and pine forests surround the beaches, including a beautiful protected oasis which is the Regional Natural Park of the island of Sant’Andrea and the coast of Punta Pizzo.

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The most important events

Among the traditions and folklore we can mention the typical Gallipoli “Cuccagna a mare” and the Carnival dating back to 1941.

Gallipoli cuisine

Cuisine is a fundamental “ingredient”: it happens that the inhabitants and tourists immerse themselves in the succulent dishes typical of the place, where we can taste the scapece, fried fish marinated between layers of breadcrumbs soaked in vinegar and saffron, the Gallipoli-style fish, pittule and puccia.

In addition to good food, we must not forget the excellent local wine (Malvasia, Negroamaro, Lambrusco) which among other things are the protagonists in the typical festivals and celebrations of the town.

The sun, the wind, the sea are an exceptional triad in favor of a favorable climate all year round. You cannot help but be fascinated, enchanted and seduced by a city that describes itself as magical!

Gallipoli scapece
Gallipoli scapece
Sant’Isidoro ©boerescul via Canva

Sant'Isidoro is a town in the municipality of Nardò in the province of Lecce. Especially in summer this village becomes more populated due to its enchanting beaches and the suggestive sixteenth-century tower that overlooks a long sandy expanse.

Santa Maria al Bagno ©diegofiore via Canva
Santa Maria al Bagno: the Four Columns

Santa Maria al Bagno is a charming seaside town in the municipality of Nardò renowned for its sea, the Aquarium and the historical museum in memory of the Jews.

Pescoluse ©cristiancapizzi via Canva
Pescoluse: the Maldives of Salento

One of the most beautiful and uncontaminated locations in Salento, the wide beach is protected by splendid dunes, thick vegetation and crystal clear sea.