Three-days itinerary in the Itria Valley: discover the trulli

Here is a perfect three-days itinerary for visiting the wonderful Itria Valley with its landscapes. For large groups it is a good idea to book a guided tour with a driver.

For a holiday in the Itria Valley, a stay in the city of Locorotondo is strongly recommended due to its central location which will allow you to reach the other suggested destinations without problems.

First day: Ostuni and Cisternino

Cisternino ©adamico70 via Canva

For the first day of your holiday, the recommended cities to visit are Ostuni and Cisternino.

  • Ostuni is also known as the White City due to its characteristic historic center, which in the past was completely painted with white lime. Today this city is a renowned tourist center. Your visit to Ostuni cannot fail to include the Aragonese Walls, which were built in the late Middle Ages by the Angevins to repel the attack of the Saracens and later amplified to counter the Turkish invasion. Another recommended stop in the city is the Cathedral which is located in the highest part of Ostuni. It is an architectural work in Gothic style built in the second half of the 1400s at the behest of Ferdinand of Aragon and Alfonso II, sovereigns of the Kingdom of Naples. In Ostuni it is also possible to visit the Museum of Preclassic Civilizations of Southern Murgia which houses finds dating back to the prehistoric and Messapian periods such as ceramics, ornamental objects and stone tools. Piazza della Libertà is the main square of Ostuni, surrounded by the Church of San Francesco, seat of the Town Hall, the Palazzo San Francesco and the Church of the Holy Spirit. The object of admiration among tourists is certainly the Obelisk of Sant’Oronzo, also called La Guglia, characterized by the fact that it was carved in local stone in a baroque style. But Ostuni is also a seaside city and offers numerous beaches from which to admire unforgettable landscapes.
  • The second recommended city for the first day is Cisternino, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy whose historic center is certainly worth a visit. Among the architectural works of the village, we include the Mother Church of San Nicola, the Sanctuary of the Madonna d’Ibernia and the Church of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli which is located just outside the city.

Finally, we must not forget the characteristic farms, ancient rural homes that represent the typical “Apulian field farm”.

Second day: Alberobello and Castellana Grotte

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The suggested destinations for the second day are Alberobello and the Castellana Grotte.

  • Alberobello is very famous for its trulli. In the main neighborhoods of Aja Piccola and Monti you can admire the Trulli Siamesi and the Trullo Sovrano, characteristic as the former are two attached trulli while the latter is built on two floors. During your visit you will also be able to appreciate the Church of Sant’Antonio da Padova, particular for its trullo shape. In the central Piazza Curri you can visit the Basilica Sanctuary of Saints Cosma and Damiano. Another attraction of Alberobello is the House of Love, built immediately after the issuing of the Liberation Decree in 1797.
  • The second destination of the day, the Castellana Grotte, will offer you a unique experience in the complex of underground cavities of karst origin. Attached to the caves, there is also a speleological museum that you can visit accompanied by a guide.
  • If you want to visit another characteristic city of the Itria Valley, the advice is Martina Franca. You can walk among numerous stately buildings such as the Basilica of San Martino.

Third day: Polignano a Mare and Monopoli

Polignano a Mare
Polignano a Mare ©emicristea via Canva

For the last day of your three-days itinerary in the Itria Valley, we recommend three cities that overlook the coast. They are Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, Savelletri and Torre Canne as the fourth optional destination. Also for this day, our advice for large groups is to book a guided tour with the driver.

  • One of the major attractions of Polignano a Mare is Lama Monachile, a single-span Roman construction dating back to the 2nd century AD, built on the Via Traiana which connected Brindisi to Benevento. The beach of Cala Paura is a small corner of paradise made up of two coves and a small pier for traditional boats. Furthermore, the coast of Polignano a Mare offers a large number of sea caves that can be visited by booking a boat tour.
  • The second destination of the day, Monopoli, represents one of the most active and populous ports in Puglia. Its historic center is a riot of stately palaces and churches such as the Maria Santissima della Madia Cathedral, with its façade and bell tower in Baroque style, the churches of San Domenico and San Francesco and the Church of Santa Maria Amalfitana, in Romanesque style. Not to be missed in Monopoli is the Castle of Charles V and the Castle of Santo Stefano. But Monopoli is famous above all for its beaches and coves with clear waters. Among the best known and most visited bays are Cala Porta Vecchia, Porto Nero, Porto Verde and Copacabana.
  • The coastal wonders of this area represent a common thread between Polignano a Mare, Monopoli and the nearby Savelletri. Savelletri is a seaside resort where you can enjoy the enchanting landscapes of the port and the sea.
  • The sea is also the backdrop to the fourth optional destination of the day, namely Torre Canne.

Here, then, are our proposals for a three-days itinerary in the beautiful Itria Valley. Three days that will immerse you in the wonders, history, art and culture of this corner of Puglia.

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