Lecce coffee

Coffee in Italy is a real art, it represents the perfect break and an opportunity for socializing that we can hardly give up. In addition to the famous Neapolitan coffee, Lecce coffee also has its fame and anyone who visits Salento will almost certainly taste this tasty coffee with almond milk. In fact, in the Lecce coffee recipe, in addition to coffee, almond milk is used, a drink that more and more people, not only those intolerant to lactose, love to enjoy.

Lecce coffee
Lecce coffee ©Neyya via Canva


  • We start by preparing the coffee in the moka or espresso machine: the important thing is that it is a good quality blend because everything starts from here.
  • Then we move on to ice which is another symbol of this coffee. In a large glass, add a few ice cubes, then the freshly brewed coffee. Finally, add the almond milk (generally two teaspoons are enough so as not to cover the flavor of the coffee too much).
  • There is also the “blown” version of Lecce coffee which consists in using the jet of steam from the electric coffee machine to whip the coffee together with the almond milk.

It can be enjoyed alone or accompanied by a dessert such as a pasticciotto leccese.

Curiosities and origins of Lecce coffee

Lecce coffee was born in the mid-20th century by Antonio Quarta, a member of the Quarta family of Salento roasters.

However, this drink also exists in the rest of the world with some variations: there is the “Cà Phê Đá” from Vietnam made with coffee, ice and condensed milk.

In South America, however, there is a typical drink called “Cafè Helado” prepared with coffee, Chantilly cream, cinnamon, vanilla bean seeds, dulce de leche and dried fruit (a slightly more substantial variant of Lecce coffee).

Whatever your version, drinking coffee is certainly an opportunity for conviviality and sociability. Share this recipe with your closest friends and relatives!

pasticciotto leccese ©sabinoparente via Canva
Lecce pasticciotto: the original recipe

From Lecce downwards, the breakfast ritual includes coffee and pasticciotto. Numerous pastry shops have become famous thanks to this dessert and there are many addresses where you can taste it.

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