Apulian Frisa: typical dish of the peasant tradition

A legend states that the “friselle” were brought by Aeneas when he landed in Porto Badisco, near Otranto. The frisedda, fresedda, frisella in the various Apulian dialects or frisa pugliese in Italian, looks like a biscuit donut from an aesthetic point of view, produced with durum wheat but also barley or combined with each other, it is obtained thanks to a double cooking carried out in the oven (biscuit).

After the first cooking, the frisella shape is cut in half, transversally, with the help of a thread (strozzo method), and subsequently the two bottoms of the shape are cooked again in the oven, to completely eliminate the residual humidity of the pasta and then be able to taste it.

Subsequently, the frisella was transformed into a traditional peasant meal, which was seasoned with fresh tomatoes, rocket salad and extra virgin olive oil. Once upon a time, in Puglia, it was customary to bathe the latter directly in sea water, so as to enjoy all the flavors of this region. Fishermen of the past used friselle as bread to take with them to work and wet with salt water, then using it as a base for fish soups.

Nowadays, frisella has become a delicious meal in all respects, perfect to be enjoyed during the summer with the native products of Puglia, during a lunch or directly on the beach during the hottest days.

Let’s not forget, however, that frisella fully occupies a place in the Mediterranean diet and, furthermore, it is healthy and nutritious!

Salento frisa
Salento frisa

Original recipe for Apulian Frisa


  • frize of durum wheat or barley
  • tomatoes
  • Apulian oil
  • salt
  • waterfall
  • additional ingredients: tuna, oregano and various seasonings


  1. To start the preparation, the frisa needs to be soaked in water: everything depends on this. Depending on how you want it to taste better, crunchier or softer, you should leave it in water for about 30 seconds or 1 minute.
  2. You can add garlic first, but we prefer it without, especially if it’s your first time.
  3. Spread oil, salt, chopped and/or spread cherry tomatoes on top so that the seeds come out and lastly the oregano.
  4. Accompany them with olives and a few pieces of fresh cacioricotta or dried tomatoes.

In two minutes you will get a simple but exceptional dish.

Being a typically summer dish, I recommend a good white wine, served chilled, such as Locorotondo D.O.C.

Pane di Altamura
Altamura Bread

A bread created and designed to meet the needs of shepherds and farmers for whom it was an essential and daily food. In fact, they sometimes had to stay away from home for several days, in the farms, the typical farms that stood and still stand in the countryside around the city.

Puccia salentina
Salento Puccia

Every Apulian bakery, among the many traditional breads, sells pucce; but there are also real puccerie, a sort of very original "regional fast food", exclusively dedicated to this tasty sandwich

olio extravergine d’oliva
Apulian extravirgin olive oil: excellence made in Puglia

Extra virgin olive oil is a real pride for Puglia, well known in Italy and in the rest of the world as a truly exceptional product that manages to enhance and enrich any dish but is also delicious enjoyed with a simple slice of bread.